Genoa Homecoming Grand Parade

This year’s annual Genoa Homecoming Grand Parade will be on Friday, June 2nd at 6:30 pm. The parade line up will again be held be at St. John’s Church.  Registration begins at 4:30 pm at 13th and Washington Street (St John’s Church). The theme of this year’s parade is “There’s No Place Like Home.”

Please design your floats and entries with themes from “The Wizard of Oz”. You can have a wicked witch, a pair of ruby slippers or Toto adorning your parade entry. With the fireworks on Saturday, our Grand Parade is always one of the highlights of our 3-day event.

If you are dropping off marchers in the parade, please approach registration from 13th Street, turn left onto Washington, drop off your marcher and continue on Washington Street to your parking spot or final destination.  There will be no parking at St. John’s.  Please note that all marchers need to be at the parade grounds by 6pm.  You are welcome to pick your marcher back up at St. John’s at the conclusion of the parade. 

New this year is the parade route. We will begin the parade at the corner of 12th and Main and end the parade Veteran’s Park. We hope to see you there!

Amanda Suckle, Parade Chair

Please complete the registration form by Friday, May 26th. We will not be able to accommodate any entries received after this date.

Please provide a brief history of your organization with your entry. This description will be read as your entry passes the grandstand.

Any treat or materials to be given out to those watching must be done by hand. Do not throw candy or materials from moving vehicles. This rule must be followed for your safety and that of those watching. All traffic laws will be enforced.

Online Parade Entry

Amanda Suckle, Parade Chair
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